Whole House Surge Protectors


Whole House Surge Protectors in West Palm Beach 

Protecting Homes Throughout the Tri-County Area 

Floridians are accustomed to bad weather and power surges. Although these are a fact of life in the Sunshine State, power surges can be damaging to your appliances and electronic devices. Boston Electric LLC can help protect your property from destructive power surges by installing whole house surge protectors in West Palm Beach and surrounding communities of the Tri-County area. 

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How a Whole House Surge Protector Works 

Most people think of surge protectors as the power strips that are sold in stores. Although these products can provide some level of protection for select devices during small power surges, they only protect devices that are plugged into the strip. Power strip surge protectors are not effective for protecting against damage caused by stronger power surges. 

A whole-house surge protector is designed to protect the entire property from dangerous power surges and the damage they cause. The surge protector is installed at the service panel, so it protects all the appliances, devices, and electronics in the house. You can get the best protection for your electrical system and equipment by layering. This involves installing a whole house surge protector and using point-of-use surge protection for your electronics. 

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Reasons to Install Whole House Surge Protection

Power surges can originate from the power grid or inside the house. While we often notice big surges, small power surges happen all the time. These small surges don’t cause immediate damage, but frequent power surges can gradually degrade your electronics and appliances, causing them to fail sooner than they otherwise would. 

Whole house surge protectors guard against damage from surges caused by: 

  • Power outages
  • Lightning strikes
  • Inductive spikes
  • Short circuits
  • Electromagnetic pulses
  • Power grid malfunctions

Today’s homes have more electronic devices than ever before, which means damage from power surges can be even more expensive. Generally, homeowner’s insurance does not cover damage caused by power surges, so you could be left with astronomical replacement costs if a large surge destroys several appliances and devices. Our West Palm Beach whole house surge protectors can help you avoid the expense of replacing multiple appliances and devices. 

Expert Installation from Licensed Electricians 

Since a whole house surge protector needs to be wired at the electrical panel, the work should be performed by a trained and experienced professional electrician. A mistake in the wiring can cause electrical shock or fire. The electricians at Boston Electric LLC have decades of industry experience to provide reliable installation for whole house surge protectors in West Palm Beach. 

Our electricians are reliable and have a great work ethic. We are dependable and you can count on us to show up and complete the job to your satisfaction. We can help you find the ideal surge protection for your home and make sure the installation is completed in compliance with the most current codes and safety regulations. 

Please call (561) 559-5776 to request a free estimate for whole-house surge protection in West Palm Beach.

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