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West Palm Beach LED Lighting 

Energy-Efficient Lighting Solutions in the Tri-County Area 

LED lighting provides benefits for energy efficiency, saving money, and the environment. Boston Electric LLC provides installation and retrofits for LED lighting in West Palm Beach and the Tri-County area. Whether you want to install new LED lighting at home or need LED retrofit services for a commercial property, we show up on time and complete the job to your satisfaction. 

If you are thinking of switching to LED lighting, call (561) 559-5776 for more information and a free estimate. 

Reasons to Switch to LED Lighting 

When installing or replacing indoor or outdoor lighting fixtures for your home or commercial building, there are several options to consider. LED lighting offers significant advantages compared with incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen lighting. Investing in LED lighting offers financial, aesthetic, and environmental benefits. 

LED lighting is beneficial for: 

  • Lowering electricity costs 
  • Improving energy efficiency 
  • Lasting up to 10x as long as incandescent or fluorescent bulbs
  • Better durability 
  • Higher quality lighting 

The environmental benefits of LED lighting in West Palm Beach include more than just reducing energy consumption. You will reduce your carbon footprint, which offers immediate and lasting environmental benefits. Additionally, the longer life of LED lighting reduces waste in landfills and LED lighting is less toxic to the environment because it doesn’t contain mercury or other hazardous substances. 

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New LED Lighting Installation

The greater energy efficiency and longer life of LED lighting offer significant cost savings for residential and commercial property owners. LED lights are available in a wide variety of innovative designs to provide quality lighting for any residential or commercial application. If you are interested in new LED lighting for your home or business, we can help you find quality lighting at a price that fits your budget. 

Our electricians install your new interior and exterior lighting in compliance with all current codes and regulations. If you are adding light to a new location, we can install any wiring that may be needed to accommodate the new fixture. 

LED Retrofit Services 

When you want to change your existing lighting fixtures to use LED lights, retrofit services are needed. Making this change can dramatically reduce your power consumption. This involves removing the ballast kit and installing the LED lamp replacement. You should leave this job to a qualified electrician to ensure your safety. Our electricians can remove your old lighting and update it with new LED lamps quickly and efficiently.

Our electricians provide LED retrofit services for:  

  • Commercial properties
  • Condos
  • HOAs
  • Parking lots

If you need new light fixtures installed and want LED lights or need retrofit service for a parking lot, multifamily property, or commercial property, we offer quality service that will exceed your expectations. We can evaluate your lighting needs, help you explore the many options that are available for indoor and outdoor lighting, and provide free estimates for LED lighting in West Palm Beach. 

Please contact Boston Electric LLC at (561) 559-5776 to discuss your LED lighting needs and get a free quote. 


Frequently Asked Questions About LED Lighting

Long lasting LED light from Boston Electric

How Long Do LED Lights Last?

LED lights last up to 10x as long as incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. The average incandescent bulb lasts around 1,000 hours, so an LED light will last up to about 10,000 hours. To put that into perspective, if you were to leave your light on all day, an incandescent bulb would last for just 42 days while an LED light would last for well over a year! That is a conservative estimate, too. Very long-lasting LED Lights have lasted up to 100,000 hours.

What Color LED Light Helps With Headaches?

Green light has been proven to be the least triggering for headaches and may even alleviate pain. The stylistic choice is not for everyone, but if you're a frequent migraine/headache sufferer, it's something to consider.

How Much Electricity Do LED Lights Use?

LED lights consume approximately between one fifth and one sixth of the same energy as incandescent lights. They offer the greatest electricity savings, hands down, and they are even recommended by the Department of Energy.

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